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2018-11-08 / Letters to the Editor

Gun violence needs to end

Whether it’s a synagogue in Pittsburgh, a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, or a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, it is too often the case that people simply praying are put in the middle of our nation’s gun violence crisis.

We should all be free to live and worship without fear of gun violence. But once again, we’ve learned that hate armed with a gun is deadly.

No other high-income nation puts up with this level of gun violence, and we shouldn’t, either.

It’s up to us to vote for leaders who will put the safety of our families first and address gun violence with common-sense solutions that can save lives. Let’s elect gun sense legislators so that no American has to read about another tragedy like this again.

Sandra McCarthy
West Bihrwood Drive
Volunteer, Moms Demand
Action for Gun Sense
in America

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