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2018-11-08 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The West Seneca Town Board blames the recent proposed budget increases on workers’ costs, yet they hired two new workers. The town board is totally out of step with taxpayers. At the recent budget hearing, it was obvious that the town board did not respect the people who came to speak, and it was obvious that taxpayers who came to speak did not respect the town board. It’s time for the town board to resign; they are totally ineffective and not representing the people of West Seneca.

.About a year ago, the West Seneca Town Board passed a law that prohibited smoking on any town property or in any town vehicle. I’m outside the hockey rink, which still has a cigarette butt collector and has no signs stating no smoking. Who is enforcing this law? If they took the time to create the law and vote on it, why isn’t anyone enforcing it?

.What’s going to be done about the traffic situation with the Tim Hortons at Union and Indian Church Road? Are they going to wait until something happens before doing anything?

.I see we want to add more games to the schedules for football, but who is going to pay for this? Taxpayers, once again? I’m not paying for kids to go to school to play football. I’m not here as a taxpayer to keep paying for extra things that have nothing to do with how smart the children are. If they want to pay football, parents can pay.

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