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2018-09-13 / Letters to the Editor

Capital project for school district not a ‘Taj Mahal’

It’s deja vu all over again. During the library/community center project, a Bee Heard caller would call Bee Heard and lambaste the project as being like a Taj Mahal. Fast forward and the same caller now repeats the Taj Mahal comment to the school’s $75 million capital improvement project. Are we going to read this drivel in every issue of The Bee? Spare us, please.

Let’s break this project down.

First and foremost, the entire cost of the project will not be paid entirely by local taxpayers. The state will pay for more than 70 percent of the total cost. Some reserve fund money will be used to lower the amount owed. Then, the remainder of the balance will be paid by municipal bonds. That means the local burden of this project will be much, much less than $75 million.

It’s like when people buy a house. Most of us cannot pay for the house with our accumulated savings. Bank mortgages will be used, and home owners will pay a monthly fee until the amount borrowed is fully paid. This isn’t rocket science.

Finally, it’s no big secret that those who have no kids or relatives in school are averse to paying school taxes. Therefore, they object to any proposition involving money a school puts to a vote. This also applies to the bus purchase proposition even though it doesn’t affect one’s school tax bill one penny. I still don’t understand why people vote no on a proposition that costs them nothing.

Please refrain from taking up valuable Bee space in the newspaper with your drivel about the project. News flash: The great majority of parents who have kids in school will always vote to support any improvement in our schools.

Philip Fanone
Lowell Lane

Wing Fest, Buffalo praised by British entry

Hi, David [Sherman]. I read your column about judging Buffalo wings. I enjoyed the read.

I wanted to say thank you to you and all the other judges at Wing Fest. Now that I have the experience of one Wing Fest under my belt, I understand that the tolerance level for heat between the U.K. and U.S. is a little different, lol.

A lot of people struggled with our hot stuff wing, yet that is just a normal flavour on our wings in the U.K. In hindsight, I should have submitted the Queen’s Choice Strawberry wing. We were getting so much great feedback for that wing.

If we come back next year, we’ll bring that one back plus some other new flavours. I really do love making people happy.

Buffalonians were so nice and treated us amazingly. Next time, I’ll create a wing especially for them. I also have a slogan for them: “Wings + Love = Buffalo.” Thank you to you and everyone in Buffalo.

Darul Rahman
(Mr. Stickywings)
London, England

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