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2018-08-16 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Everyone knew West Seneca was short of office space, but they also knew voters would never approve a new building. So instead, the town board and town superintendent cooked up a scheme to try and sell an improvement to the library. They ended up getting the new building they wanted.

.So I read in The Bee that Sheila Meegan was quoted saying,

“It is a victory for all taxpayers when everyone is treated fairly.” Why doesn’t Mrs. Meegan have the entire town reassessed at 100 percent value so everyone pays their fair share in taxes, instead of all the new builds and people who have remodeled their houses and received new assessments paying the majority of all of the town and school taxes?

.I see the other day that one of the radio stations did a poll on how well the teachers are paid and their rankings. Well, West Seneca came up number 1 in pay. I fail to see any advantage, because the children are never in the top 10 in the school rankings but we pay them like they are. I wonder if this is a trend in West Seneca. We have Sheila Meegan raising taxes, and the school board raises taxes. It’s time for a change for everyone.

.I see they finally cut down all the dead trees at the Harlem Road Park; however, the stumps are still there. I hope they are removed, and there will be replanting of trees.

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