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2018-08-09 / Front Page

New York Times best-selling author to visit library


Molloy Molloy A New York Times best-selling author will be visiting the West Seneca Public Library this Saturday.

Aimee Molloy, a West Seneca native, wrote “The Perfect Mother” as her first novel.

“Writing is something I’ve always loved doing and always did,” Molloy said.

Molloy, who lives with her husband and two daughters in New York City, said she spent a lot of time in the West Seneca Library as a child.

“I remember the librarians kind of looking the other way when I checked out more books than I was really supposed to,” she laughed.

Molloy graduated from Duke University and received her master’s degree from New York University.

Molloy said she pursued journalism in her late 20s. Through pitching articles, she was offered the co-writing of a nonfiction book, which published in 2003.

Until about two years ago, Molloy co-authored non-fiction books. She said she wanted to try her hand at fiction and gave herself one year to write her first novel.

Being creative isn’t something that Molloy is unfamiliar with, however.

Molloy recalled creating a character when she was about 10 years old. The character needed advice about her many personal struggles.

Molloy said she used a typewriter at home to write her father, a Buffalo attorney, letters from the character.

“He would humor me and write letters back,” she said.

Her father, according to Kathleen Goodrich, the West Seneca Library director, said Molloy frequently visited the library as a child.

Molloy said she distinctly remembered the change when she switched from the young adult to the adult section.

“It was a shift. [In the library], you either turned right for young adult books, or you turned left for the adult section,” Molloy said. “And one day I decided, ‘You know what, I’m going to turn left.’ ... ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ is, to date, my favorite book.”

She also recalled saving the spinning book racks, holding mass-market paperbacks, for the summertime.

“There would be contests at school for how many books you can read in one summer,” Molloy said. “And I would always think, ‘I’m totally going to win.’”

Molloy added that she remembered the bookmobile in the parking lot of Queen of Heaven Church once a month.

“It was like a food truck but with books. That feeling of walking into the bookmobile ... the smell of it. I wish my house could smell like that,” she said.

Her novel, “The Perfect Mother,” which published May 1, had an unusually fast process, according to Molloy. She said she submitted her novel to eight possible publishers and received seven responses. She worked with HarperCollins Publishers LLC, and her novel was made the book of the summer and became an instant best-seller.

Her publicist then gave the novel to a film agent in Hollywood, and there was a film deal in two weeks, according to Molloy.

“The Perfect Mother” was picked up by TriStar Pictures Inc., film producer Amy Pascal and actress Kerry Washington. Molloy said it’s in the work of being adapted into a movie.

Goodrich said she’s thrilled and planning for Molloy’s visit. There will be a book talk and book signing.

“We originally planned [her visit] for May, but the library wasn’t quite done yet,” Goodrich said.

The library has been under construction for about a year and a half, according to Goodrich.

“We just completed [construction in June,” Goodrich said. “There’s meeting rooms, a children’s area, creativity lab and fireplace.”

Molloy said she is excited to see the changes.

Light refreshments will be served, provided by the library advocacy group Friends of the Library, according to Goodrich.

“I’ve always had something for the West Seneca Library,” Molloy said. “There’s something about libraries ... that are just magical.”

The event is free and begins at 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 11, at the West Seneca Public Library, 1300 Union Road.

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