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2018-07-12 / Letters to the Editor

Meetings should be held at a good time for residents

As was recently reported in The Bee, the Town of West Seneca finally gave in to the demands of many residents, including myself, to begin live streaming Town Board meetings on YouTube, which is a good thing, but what was not reported in this article was the continued attempts by the West Seneca Town Board to suppress the level of attendance by residents at Town Board meetings by continuing the horrendous practice of holding many board meetings at 3 p.m. despite heavy criticism from many town residents.

In fact, five of the 12 board meetings that are scheduled between July 1 and Dec. 31 will be held at 3 p.m., which is a horrible time to hold a board meeting because most residents who work first and second shifts cannot attend. Many residents who work third shift will be sleeping at this time and are also unable to attend.

So far, the Town Board members have ignored repeated requests by residents to have all board meetings moved to 7 p.m. and have claimed that attendance is the same at 3 p.m. meetings as it is at 7 p.m., which is not true. Board members have also claimed that it’s nice for them to have Monday evenings off when the weather is nice, as if that is supposed to be their top concern in serving the residents of the town.

The town is currently facing so many contentious and controversial issues, which have resulted in significantly increased attendance by the residents of the town at board meetings. It leads to the following question: Why hold nearly half of the board meetings in the second half of the year at 3 p.m., including one of the budget presentation meetings in October?

Jeff Piekarec
Delray Avenue

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