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2018-07-12 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The new West Seneca Library is a beautiful building; it could have been a beautiful building for half the cost. West Seneca residents and taxpayers need to do their duty and vote out the town board that is responsible for dereliction of their fiduciary responsibility to not spend recklessly.

.A house in Orchard Park valued at $800,000 has taxes of $8,700, so why does a house in West Seneca valued at $250,000 have taxes of $7,700? This doesn’t seem right, does it? Maybe Mrs. Meegan should go to Orchard Park and ask, How do you do it?

.I heard the quote from Sheila Meegan that the new library community center is only going to cost $15-20 per person in town. Can we please see how she came up with that figure? I’ve yet to see any hard and fast numbers to prove that. How do you go from $14 million with 40,000 people in town down to $15-20 per person?

.I just saw in the news that Mrs. Meegan said the library in West Seneca is walker friendly. West Seneca is the most non-walker friendly place I’ve ever been. Yes, Union Road has sidewalks, but how do you get to Union Road? None of the side streets have sidewalks. Maybe instead of spending all that money on the library they could have used it to make West Seneca a walking community.

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