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2018-02-15 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Just received the letter from the board. So much for open disclosure. One candidate and someone with zero experience. A year ago, I sat on the board in a meeting and listened to several people say they want to be part of the process, who wanted an open search and to interview candidates. Then today, I learn who is on the advisory committee, and it’s mostly union members with very few community members. Who is making the decisions: the board or the employees? Why isn’t there a process for the committee to be on these interviews? Why is there only one person? This is unacceptable.

.Thank you, Board of Education for keeping us in the loop. It’s nice to know things can be shared as they are happening. Wish the Town Board could be like you guys.

.Board of Education, bravo. Good for you to do what’s right for the district. I am on the committee, and I can’t wait for the 28th. Thank you so much.

.I see my tax dollars in West Seneca are going for a good use. West Seneca schools are three from the bottom.

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