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2017-10-12 / Front Page

Bullet discovered in Allendale classroom

District officials say source confronted, no threat to students found

West Seneca School District officials are urging parents to check the backpacks of their children and communicate with students regarding what is not appropriate to bring to school following the discovery Friday evening of a bullet in a fifth-grade classroom at Allendale Elementary School.

Interim Superintendent Matthew Bystrak said during Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting that there was at no time believed to be danger to any students.

Bystrak said there were no students in the building at the time the bullet was discovered by a member of the cleaning staff.

“Immediately police were notified, and Joe Farr from the Buildings and Grounds Department worked actively with Holly Quinn, the building principal, to make sure police got access to the building. They did a sweep of the building to make sure there weren’t any other dangerous items in the building, any additional bullets or items like that,” the interim superintendent said.

Following an investigation from West Seneca Police, Bystrak said the source of the bullet was discovered.

“[The police] were able to sit and talk with the family, with the student. What it came down to was the student trying to impress a friend,” Bystrak said. “It was a young person who made a bad decision.”

The superintendent said the child’s parents were cooperative throughout the situation.

An initial Global Connect call was sent out Saturday morning to the Allendale community informing them of the bullet discovery, Bystrak said. By Sunday afternoon, a second call was sent out to update concerned parents of the absence of a threat.

“You always have to balance out how much you want to worry people versus how much people need to know,” he said. “Truly, our sense was that there was no threat to the building.”

Bystrak said the greatest concern from the administration during the incident was that a student may be traveling through district buildings with ammunition.

“Check your kid’s backpacks, check their pockets, things like that. Have some conversations. Those communications ultimately resulted in us getting that information faster,” the superintendent said.

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