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2017-10-12 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I think you should keep the police blotter in The West Seneca Bee; it’s informative and nice to read.

.The new library/community center is going to come in at around $13 million; with $2 million being a grant, it will be around $11 million. I thought it was bid out at $7.7 million. It probably is in the minutes of the meeting. The town board is spending money we don’t have; if those numbers are correct, they are about $5 million over budget, and that is totally unacceptable.

.Regarding what your managing editor wrote about the Constitutional Convention which will be on the ballot in November, after reading the entire column, I totally agree with him. Having just a little bit of background of understanding it, I think with all the corruption in New York State, it’s high time no matter what the cost. We are losing too much as taxpayers; it is time for a convention. We have to update it to shorter terms and a little bit more control of the money that always seems to be disappearing.

.Maybe more high school kids should attend town board meetings. When they refer to tax and spend, this town board is the best in the world at doing that. If they want to learn anything about finances and supporting a family, you do not spend money you do not have. This board continues to spend and now wants a 12 percent increase in our taxes; they have a library/rec center going up, the Burchfield building is falling apart, with no money to fix. But they just want to keep spending; this is unheard of.

.I just read that West Seneca plans to raise taxes by 12 percent. Are they nuts? I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income, and I can’t afford that. Are you forcing seniors to move? Come on, people, let’s get together and attend the board meetings and tell them what we think.

.West Seneca taxpayers are being fleeced, and everyone should have a problem with it. The supervisor states, “The general fund tax rate is a mere 88 cents, 8.3 percent higher than it was in 2009.” First, using the tax rate is not a good comparison of the cost of government. It should be compared using the actual amount of money to be raised by property taxes. Second, it is factually incorrect; please see saveourwestseneca Facebook site for comparisons using the 2009 budget and the tentative budget just released. Every West Seneca taxpayer should be outraged.

.So, this is a joke. The City of Niagara Falls, which lost all its casino money, is having a tax rate hike of 2.6 percent, about $32 on average. The City of Tonawanda is raising its taxes 5 percent. Then, we get to West Seneca, which is asking for a 12 percent rate hike. Exactly what are we getting for our money? It’s going to be passed by the board if we don’t get on their case.

.West Seneca taxpayers, show up on Oct. 16 at 6 p.m. to the West Seneca Town Hall and tell Sheila Meegan what you think about her 12 percent tax increase. If we can’t afford health insurance for town workers, then lay off town workers. If we can’t afford a full-time town supervisor, then lay off the town supervisor. If we can’t afford a new library/community center, then why did we build one? West Seneca taxpayers are overburdened as it is; we can’t afford a 12 percent tax increase. Tell your elected representatives what you think of their tax increase.

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