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2017-09-14 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.While other school districts are lowering their school taxes, West Seneca is raising them again, more money than the seniors received in their Social Security raise. One of the districts lowering taxes is one of the top-ranked schools. When will I see the great West Seneca School District ranked at top at all? Maybe we should have all the students opt out and save the embarrassment to the community.

.The West Seneca soccer, football and softball associations pay for their concession stand. The rugby association pays for its equipment. If you really want to find out where your baseball money is going, I suggest you attend a baseball board meeting and ask.

.Why did the West Seneca Town Board lease the Tim Russert Park? The kids in that neighborhood need their own space. Money allocated for the basketball court should have been used as it was intended; rugby is not a sport common to this area and should not be available if not needed here.

.Does anyone else feel bamboozled with this library renovation project? We were told we were getting an addition to the library; instead, we are getting a whole new enormous center. The citizens of West Seneca continually say they want lower taxes so they can afford to retire here, yet the town board keeps wanting to build monuments to themselves and spend taxpayers’ money. I would like anyone running for election this year to say where they are on the question of taxes versus building unnecessary new structures.

.Regarding the rugby team playing at Tim Russert Park, it’s packed on Tuesdays, too, so they must be practicing there as well. They put a portable bathroom in which was supposedly illegal in town. No one can walk their dogs, walk the path or run while the teams are playing. These things were supposed to be worked out before they were there. They also have their after parties at a restaurant in Buffalo. Why couldn’t they party in West Seneca to give us the business after we gave them the park?

.Can anyone tell me how to stop the annoying phone calls regarding building openings, carnivals, fairs in the street and, most recently, a lost dog. Really?

.Kudos to whomever came up with the idea of having landlords have a permit. We have too many absentee landlords in town; I’m getting sick of looking out my front widow and seeing police surrounding the apartments across the street. I hope they do this as soon as possible.

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