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2017-08-17 / Letters to the Editor

Board must face crumbling berms

First, let me state, as I have numerous times in the past, thank you for the tireless efforts of all town employees and volunteers during the initial flood event of January 2014 in the Lexington Green Subdivision.

Much time has passed since then, and the “temporary berm” placed adjacent to Buffalo Creek remains unprotected, unstabilized and degrades with each passing day, eventually rendering it useless as a means of keeping floodwaters from reaching our neighborhood.

I have requested in multiple emails to our town supervisor, Sheila Meegan, for this and other ancillary issues to be addressed.

A meeting was to occur after Councilman William Hanley produced a plan. He was tasked with that in January 2017. As a retired civil engineer, I believe — no, I know — eight months is enough time for this to occur.

As of this letter, neither has occurred.

On a more positive note, town employees from the Sewer Department and John Gullo, senior code enforcement officer, have addressed issues I inquired about that fall under their jurisdiction. Thanks to them.

My last two emails, dating back two months, to Mrs. Meegan have gone unanswered. It would be helpful if the Town Board was as responsive as its employees.

Mrs. Meegan and Mr. Hanley, please apply the same concern you had for our neighborhood initially and complete this last remaining task. Please stabilize the “temporary berm,” helping to mitigate future flood damage and eliminate this backyard eyesore.

Lastly, I will not get into the weeds — this forum limits that — as to the reasons I have heard expressed regarding why the above should not be completed, but realize I have the supporting documentation and recorded information to verify my conclusion, and have made that available to the board, and will be happy to make this available to any other concerned individuals.

Gary Hart
Lexington Green

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