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2017-08-17 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The Burchfield Center has been closed, so why isn’t the name of the building inspector for the Town of West Seneca at the time it was built being brought up? The building inspector has to sign off on every phase of construction, as well as once it is completed before a certificate of occupancy is issued. So, how was that approved? How did the building even get a certificate of occupancy by the building inspector if it was built wrong? Why isn’t the building inspector being held responsible for this, as he signed off on it?

.Why can’t my kids play baseball at East and West Road at Firemen’s Park? Apparently, there is one woman who has a problem with our children playing baseball on a baseball field in a town park, yet our politicians cave to her demands and our children are no longer allowed to play baseball at a baseball diamond.

.I see the Burchfield Project will have to wait because we don’t have enough money to fix it. Well, here we go again; let’s waste some more taxpayers’ money. If the building inspectors would have done their job when it was built, we wouldn’t have this problem. I know I want him to come inspect the house I’m building.

.Regarding the new baseball diamonds at Firemen’s Park, the highway superintendent says on- ly little kids are supposed to play on it. The youth baseball association schedules 10- and 12-year-old children’s games on it. One politician says they should lock the gates; well, there are no gates. Another comes up with the suggestion of flipping the diamonds around. Why don’t they do their job? Take a look at the diamond before someone gets hurt.

.It would be a great idea to move the Erie County Fair to Canalside. People could take the subway to get there; they could park at the subway station at UB and take the train to Canalside.

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