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2017-08-10 / Letters to the Editor

Town praised for Gaelic Games

Hope you have heard of the many videos on YouTube concerning your fields and town.

After our event, the three Gaelic Athletic Association presidents who represent the three regions of Gaelic Games in Ireland, as well as many other Irish dignitaries, called the converted West Seneca Soccer Complex the best Irish games fields in the world outside of Ireland. Those words were repeated over and over by coaches and parents.

The city of Boston, which will host the 2018 games, was told that they will never reach the bar that has been set by West Seneca because the complex, organization town officials, recreation department, medical staff and police are second to none.

We, with the Buffalo Fenians and the many volunteers, knew what we had to work with and that we would prove that a small city could pull this massive undertaking off, but when it was said that the West Seneca games were the best Continental Youth Championships ever and the best in the world, we were stunned.

All this would not have happened without Supervisor Sheila Meegan, the Town Board and the Parks Department, especially the two men who work the soccer complex who were on hand for any help we needed.

The best in the world. West Seneca has a lot to be proud of. Get the word out.

Denny Hanavan
Brandywine Drive

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