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2017-08-03 / Business

AAA now provides bicycle towing

AAA Western and Central New York bicycle towing benefits were initiated as of last month.

According to a press release, the benefit has been added to all AAA WCNY memberships at no additional cost.

“With the thriving and growing bicycle communities across upstate New York, it’s a natural fit for AAA to provide bicycle coverage to our loyal members across the region,” Jerry Hooven, vice president of automotive services, said in the press release. “Cyclists deserve the same AAA dependable service and peace of mind that drivers have come to trust over the past century.”

The release further stated that transportation service will be provided for a member and their bicycle when it has become disabled or inoperable and can be reached from a normally-traveled road by a AAA service vehicle.

For those stranded on a bike path, trail or other restricted pathway, the AAA service vehicle will meet the rider at the closest point of entry for motor vehicles. Towing is provided to the location of the member’s choosing, according to the terms of the individual’s AAA membership.

Cyclists can request AAA service by calling for roadside assistance, by going online to www.AAA.com

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