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2017-06-15 / Letters to the Editor

Many are eligible for STAR rebates

I admit I was wrong in my previous letter in The Bee regarding school taxes, particularly who is entitled to a STAR rebate. Thanks to my “friend” who correctly pointed this out in his Bee Heard rebuttal.

I logged on to the STAR eligibility requirement web page, and it states, “Eligible NYS homeowners, co-op apartment dwellers, manufactured homes and farm houses, are entitled to one or the other STAR rebate.”

The first STAR rebate, the Basic one, has no age restriction, and eligible homeowners must have earnings less than $500,000. The second STAR rebate, the Enhanced one, is for homeowners who are 65 years of age or older and have taxable income less than $84,500 in 2016 or less than $86,000 in 2017.

So, I’m guessing those ineligible for the STAR rebate are renters, children, family pets, non-New York State residents, the deceased, aliens, dolls and puppets.

If my “friend” knows a West Seneca homeowner who does not get the STAR rebate, please have that person attend a West Seneca School Board meeting and ask the administration to help him/her get what they are entitled to.

Philip Fanone
Lowell Lane

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