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2017-04-06 / Front Page

National Grid hatches bird sanctuary


Bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike will soon flock to West Seneca to visit the town’s bird sanctuary.

During last week’s meeting, the West Seneca Town Board approved a lease agreement with National Grid for the parcel of land north of Meyer Road.

Superseding a previous agreement dated November 1989, this agreement authorizes the town to maintain the property for the purposes of a bird sanctuary. Additionally, a parking area and wetland viewing platform with an access trail will be created on the property.

Councilman William Hanley said he has been working with National Grid to get the project underway.

“There’s a little bit of work they have to do in town, not only power and utilities, but when that’s done they’re going to construct an overlook by the Meyer Road station, and that’s going to allow people to go out and watch the birds, and the turtles and frogs,” Hanley said.

He added that National Grid is handling all labor and materials for the project.

The parcel of land lies between Route 400 and Indian Church Road, and consists of a state Department of Environmental Conservation wetland. The area is surrounded on two sides by railroad tracks.

In addition, the board approved a memorandum of understanding with National Grid amending previously planned wetland enhancement activities.

Hanley said the project is in response to an environmental impact study completed during the reconstruction of the Gardenville plant, which forced National Grid to delineate and identify another location for recovery of wetlands.

Under the new agreement, National Grid will make a monetary contribution of $61,000 to the town to design and construct a wetland viewing platform at Meyer Road.

Once complete, National Grid will install signage directing visitors to and from the bird sanctuary.

To view a map of the coming development and wetland area, along with the complete license agreement, visit www.westseneca.net.

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