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2017-03-16 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I found Ms. Chatelle’s response to school board member Lauren Nicholas regarding preschool very disheartening. Dr. Nicholas wrote at length about working families’ inability to access this program and offered suggestions to remedy that. Ms. Chatelle did nothing but defend herself, her job and the extra tax monies this all costs.

.One of my children sits for two 80-minute study halls a day due to there not being enough high school electives. My other child’s music teacher doesn’t even have a classroom and teaches on the traveling cart, and I’m supposed to be impressed to read that preschoolers get two master-certified teachers per classroom? That’s insulting and a misuse of needed resources.

.At last night’s school board meeting, I was appalled to see such unruly behavior on behalf of the teachers’ union but thrilled at the bravery displayed by Dr. Nicholas and board members Bedient, Newton and Phillips, who voted with her to increase preschool access and control the overspending. Despite union members shouting at Dr. Nicholas that she was disgusting for moving to benefit students and taxpayers, she persisted. We finally have four board members willing to step up and do right by the people they serve, and the union has lost its mind. Thank you to all four of you.

.The behavior exhibited by West Seneca teachers at the recent board meeting was totally unacceptable. Not one of those teachers would allow that kind of behavior in their classroom. Grow up.

.Seven board members in West Seneca shouting, yelling, finger-pointing, accusing, making complete fools of themselves. On May 16 vote all the incumbents out. It’s time for the adults to sit at the table, not the 3-year-olds. Term limits are the way to go; get them all out.

.I went to the town zoning board meeting about the cement crushing issues. The room was filled with people, only to find out that the petition was pulled off the table, and we couldn’t discuss the issues. A representative from Kaisertown was there to help, but not our supervisor.

.I don’t understand the arguments about the UPK programs. I thought research has shown that pre-K children benefit mostly from play and not from structured instruction. Why is there an educated teacher arguing that our children in pre-K need more structured learning where they have books filled with paperwork?

.The last school board meeting proved that election season has officially begun. The grandstanding was more about who wants to keep their seats than what’s good for students. Let’s remember that New York State law requires districts to offer both in-district and private UPK sites.

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