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2017-01-26 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.During the past snowstorm, I didn’t see a plow truck until 8 o’clock. Today, Martin Luther King Day, I see one parked at the back of the West Seneca Developmental Center with the engine running. He probably is getting holiday pay plus overtime. Why can’t you people lay people off when you don’t need them? It’s an insult to us taxpayers.

.It’s great to see Jim Pace back as president of the historical society. It’s a shame he came back too late. It would have been nice if he could have saved the old, historic clock shop and the other building on Indian Church and Union Road.

.I would like to see the Town of West Seneca follow Erie County’s lead in adopting a policy that prohibits elected officials from receiving a salary increase that they vote upon in their current town.

.Wow, there are two street lights out on Singer Drive in West Seneca. On Royal Coach and Deerchase, we don’t have any street lights. Someone dropped the ball on this one. You should see the dark corners. It’s a wonder no one has been killed.

.The school is crying they did not get enough money in West Seneca. Let’s see, my taxes for the town and school have gone up $500 in the last four months. How much more money do they want? Social Security got a .03 raise. Let’s see why we are in debt. Buying an excess of buses and teachers’ salaries. Why don’t they come out and tell us how much more they are spending on children these days and how much more they are spending on teachers?

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