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2017-01-19 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.What does it take to have street lights replaced? There are two that are out on Singer Drive in West Seneca. I have been trying since November to have someone replace these lights. First it was NYSEG, and then it was turned over to the Town of West Seneca. These lights are still out and that means half of the street is dark. I am tired of of leaving my outdoor light on to brighten up the street. I should send the town my electric bill to pay part of it for the unnecessary expense. This should have been taken care of a long time ago. It has taken way too long.

.It was no one’s fault that the snow fell last week when the kids were stranded. Where were the town plows? We were out in the afternoon and the roads were terrible, and we didn’t see a plow around. Maybe they ought to be proactive. It might not have been the superintendent’s fault, but let’s get the town plows out once in a while. That’s what we pay these men for.

.I have an idea for the use of the children’s psych center, since we all know the state is going to move it. How about a veterans’ center with rehab and training for jobs?

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