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2016-11-17 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Mrs. Meegan’s campaign was people, not politics. A $17,000 raise is not in the best interest of the people. Mr. Hanley and Mr. Hart, do the right thing: Vote no on the raise. Not one dime.

.I have a solution to the supervisor salary quagmire. I propose the supervisor’s salary is set to be the same percentage as our tax rate decreases each year. If our tax rate goes down 2 percent, the supervisor’s salary goes up 2 percent. I would not propose the reverse, that if our tax rate goes up, the supervisor’s salary goes down, because then in 10 years we would be asking for the supervisor to work for free.

.I don’t think board members should be allowed to vote for their own salary increases at all. Seniors can’t just up and move, so that is not an option.

.The town supervisor’s job is for public service, not personal enrichment. If Meegan ran for this position thinking it‘s a career, oh oh. Look what’s happening to career politicians across the nation.

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