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2015-03-26 / Letters to the Editor

Save the Children’s Psychiatric Center

Is the governor hoping that if he ignores us, we will just fade away? Is he hoping that only a handful of people in Western New York really care whether the Children’s Psychiatric Center in West Seneca stays open or closes?

Does he ignore the issue because he really doesn’t understand the important differences in the Children’s Psychiatric Center and the Buffalo Psychiatric Center?

When thousands of Western New Yorkers have voiced their opposition to this closure, do the governor and the commissioner of the Office of Mental Health think they know better than we do what is best for our mentally ill children?

Is the governor too busy to take the time to come to Buffalo and tour the two facilities so he can make an educated decision? Why is it acceptable to the governor to have 46 beds at CPC reduced to 36 beds at BPC when there is a constant waiting list? Why does the governor think it is acceptable for our children to be locked in the same building with mentally ill adults, some of whom are pedophiles?

Can a governor who puts so much emphasis on the impor tance of our children’s future when it comes to education ignore the future of our mentally ill children by closing a facility that is top-rated and designed specifically for them?

The Children’s Psychiatric Center in West Seneca serves 19 Western New York counties. It is top-rated, leaving no rationale for this pending closure except dollars and cents. Leave it to New York State to throw away a facility that accomplishes exactly what it was designed for, instead of holding it up as a model for all other states to pattern.

This decision rests solely with the governor. Visit our website at SAVEOURWNYCPC.ORG. Call the governor. Time is of the essence.

Allison R. Scanlon
Olmstead Avenue
Village of Depew

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