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2015-02-26 / Lifestyles

Lent offers time to reconnect to faith

Senior Pastor, Ebenezer UCC

Faith is an important part of the human experience. It can be as important to our health as nutrition, exercise and health care. It is one of the formative experiences that can shape who we are, just like family and friends.

As a pastor, I witness the strength of families and individuals when they believe in something that is greater than we are as humans, and that greater being has positive influence in our lives.

The Christian tradition, no matter what the denomination, offers a deep sense of hope, love and support. When difficulty and struggles arise for a person of faith, there is most often an outlook that helps to nurture through the troubles.

To have faith is an active verb. It requires that we work at a greater understanding of what it means to us as well as working at always building and renewing our relationship with God, others in the community and even ourselves.

It involves love and care of the people and world around us. We discover that we have a responsibility to not simply think about ourselves, but how our behaviors impact the world around us.

Within many of our local churches in West Seneca, we celebrate the season of Lent.

It is a special time of year for Christians and all people to be drawn to the church as we journey together in faith, renewing our commitment, through prayer, fasting and reflection.

A liturgical season, Lent begins at Ash Wednesday and spans the following six weeks, ending at Easter. It is a time to reflect on how we might be distanced from God, others and even self. We ask ourselves what we might do to grow, and to ready ourselves for the new life that we celebrate at Easter.

The West Seneca Community of Churches is hosting a Lenten Journey of worship services on Wednesdays during this sacred season. The community is invited to participate and journey with us as we move each week to another of our churches.

All are invited to grow in faith together. Be a part of this tradition that nurtures families and friends.

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