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2015-02-26 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to teachers for parent support

On Feb. 9, the West Seneca Teachers’ Association unanimously passed the resolution to support the “I Refuse Movement.” This was a monumental display of support for the parents in West Seneca.

I am one of the approximately 1,000 West Seneca parents who chose to refuse the New York State assessments for our children.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the NYS Department of Education, Board of Regents and media will try to convince the public that parents who refuse the assessments are doing their children a disservice. I hear sound bites such as “There have always been standardized tests,” “These tests will help students compete in a global market” and “Who wouldn’t want their child to be career- and college-ready?”

The parents refusing the NYS assessments know better.

Gov. Cuomo and the NYS Board of Regents have built a heavy tower of reforms, and our schools are being crushed under the weight. The foundation of this tower is the high-stakes NYS Common Core assessments in grades three through eight.

Parents know that if we remove these harmful tests from our schools, the entire tower of reforms will come crashing down. Parents are exercising their rights to protect our children, our teachers, our principals and our schools from these harmful reforms.

I would like to publicly thank our West Seneca teachers for taking a stand with us. I am proud to be a parent in the West Seneca School District. By passing the resolution, not only do our teachers recognize a parent’s right to refuse the harmful NYS assessments, but they also support us.

Together, we will win the battle to take back our public schools.

Molly Dana
Allendale Road
West Seneca

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