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2015-02-26 / Business

Occupational therapists help to improve everyday activities

Occupational therapists help people engage in their activities of everyday living despite any physical or mental limitations.

These activities can involve household tasks, leisure activities, education, mental health management, work and engaging in community involvement.

Those experiencing a deficit in any area of everyday life can reach out to an occupational therapist for help.

Anyone who has been recently diagnosed with a physical impairment, who has mental health problems, or who has a child struggling in school or an aging parent may benefit from occupational therapy.

Occupational therapists work in a number of settings from outpatient rehabilitation, school settings, mental health clinics and even in the community. Through the use of therapeutic interventions and education, an occupational therapist can help people with their everyday tasks.

Occupational therapy clinics in Western new York include Partners in Rehab, Union Occupational Health Care and Healthworks WNY.

To learn more about the benefits of occupational therapy, contact Tricia Brady at 803-2397 or by email at tabrady@utica.edu.

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