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2015-01-08 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I commend Jennifer Waters for her editorial witnessing the effect of the star on the Christmas tree and that stating that it represents Jesus Christ’s birthday which we celebrate every year. Thank you for taking a position and being free to express your belief.

.This year we just voted in a tax increase in West Seneca. Now I hear Supervisor Sheila Meegan saying since we have a problem with the storm money, and we might have a tax increase in 2016. I wish she would take “tax increase” out of her vocabulary. I thought we were going to negotiate the contract where employees would pay part of their health care to save us money. What happened to that idea? Did that go by the wayside again?

.I was disappointed at columnist David Sherman’s put-down comment about the inaugural address of Lyndon Johnson; he said nothing about what a great man Johnson was. Johnson signed highly important civil rights legislation, the Older Americans Act which gave us Meal-on-Wheels and transportation for seniors, and Medicare and Medicaid which affect millions of people. These pieces of legislation were remarkable, and to be dismissed as one of the least important people in the past 50 years is really a very biased review, and I totally disagree.

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