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2012-03-29 / Letters to the Editor

Coaching sports requires experience

The West Seneca Bee’s “Bee Heard” has had its share of comments regarding taxes as well as municipal and school issues. One recent item deserves rebuttal.

A caller suggested that, as a cost-saving measure, school sports coaches have their salaries and positions eliminated and be replaced by “volunteers.” Where, pray tell, are these volunteers?

I helped coach my son’s T-ball team more than 20 years ago; I’m sure I can coach varsity baseball. My neighbor has a pool and he knows how to swim; he could coach varsity swimming. A friend of mine watches football games on TV, including school, collegiate and professional; he could coach varsity football. Another friend played “kick the can” down the street as a youngster; he could coach soccer.

Suggesting that volunteers coach school sports is as ludicrous as suggesting that dentists perform open-heart surgery. I suggest that the caller does a little research before making such inane comments as eliminating coaches and allowing volunteers to run high school sports.

I hope no one else in town will agree with this hogwash. I bet the caller has not seen or attended one sports game or practice, or even spoken with a school athlete regarding the notion of the elimination of all school coaches and replacing them with volunteers.

Philip Fanone

Lowell Lane

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