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2012-03-29 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

  • Who pays the water bills for the West Seneca Fire District? I believe it’s the taxpayers’ money. When you drive by all the fire companies in the district, you see personal vehicles being washed outside the fire company with fire company water paid for by taxpayers. Why can’t these people wash their own cars using the water from their house?
  • Fire district taxes are used toward the firemen’s education, buying new equipment for the firemen, buying and inspecting new vehicles for firemen and buying new turnout gear. The price of all this is quite expensive. The money collected on the fund drive is used for upkeep of the building, utilities of the building, etc. District taxpayer money is not used for anything for the building, but for equipment and education of the firemen in the service to their district.
  • When is the West Seneca code enforcer going to do his job? The camper is still sitting on the lawn at Emporium and Gordon. The owner has been notified by mail and was told to have it off by March 1. Here it is, the 18th, and the camping trailer is still sitting there.
  • Again, it’s almost summer with wonderful weather and people walking their dogs. I have a problem when you walk your dog with a retractable leash and your dog is up on my porch or your dog is walking through my flowers. How about you leave the retractable leash at home? You walk the dog, and the dog doesn’t walk you. Don’t forget to carry a bag and keep your dog’s stuff off my lawn.
  • If Sheila Meegan had done her homework before she voted, we wouldn’t have to rescind anything. That’s the problem. They get into office, and it’s yes, yes, yes. Do your homework, know what the laws are before you go passing them, and how much it will cost the average taxpayer. I will then say thank you when you start doing your job.

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