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2012-03-22 / Police Blotter

Caller’s cryptic message causes evacuation

Monday, March 12

  • A woman reported that her license plate was stolen but was unaware of when or where the incident occurred.
  • A shed was broken into on Burgundy Court, from which numerous hand tools were removed. The owner reported the incident after a neighbor saw the shed doors open earlier that afternoon. Police observed that the wooden door jam next to the lock was damaged.

Total calls received: 61

Tuesday, March 13

  • Patrol responded to Market in the Square in Southgate Plaza where a fight had broken out between three females and a male. The man was reportedly upset with their driving and approached the women in their vehicle. He then allegedly swore at them while swinging a plastic-coated chain, striking one of the women in the abdomen. He was arrested for harassment and menacing, both in the second degree.
  • A young female was arrested for attempting to shoplift more than $100 worth of goods from Kmart on Orchard Park Road.
  • A resident was contacted because of an outstanding balance of $242.63 on an account that he reportedly did not open. He realized someone had fraudulently used his information to open the account, which is based out of St. Petersburg, Fla.
  • Police stopped a man with a suspended license on Harlem Road because he was traveling 20 mph over the speed limit.

Total calls received: 62

Wednesday, March 14

  • A young male driver was stopped on Seneca Street for operating a vehicle at night without activating its headlights. His non-driver identification card was found to be suspended.
  • A Dirkson Avenue man reported that both of his vehicles were damaged sometime overnight in his driveway. Each appeared to have streaks carved into the doors. The man told patrol he did not see or hear anything suspicious during the night, but there is a lot of youth activity on the street.

Total calls received: 47

Thursday, March 15

  • Police responded to Union Road to evacuate Southgate Medical after a receptionist received a disturbing call. The unknown person said, “If I were you, I would get out,” twice before hanging up. The receptionist could not decipher if the caller was a male or female. Employees were allowed to go back inside once police searched the building.
  • A Tampa Drive man realized his Dish Network satellite had been tampered with, causing his television to not work. He suspects that his neighbor may have something to do with it.
  • Patrol observed a gray pickup fail to use a signal when turning from Lein Road onto Seneca Street. The truck then crossed over the double yellow lines several times. Upon stopping the male driver near the West Seneca Senior Center, an officer found him to have slurred speech and glassy eyes. He failed several sobriety tests and was charged with driving while intoxicated.

Total calls received: 59

Friday, March 16

  • A house on Treehaven Road was egged shortly after midnight. The complainant’s husband followed the suspect vehicle, which was described as being a black sport utility vehicle that reportedly carried three suspects.
  • Patrol stopped a vehicle that came to a “screeching halt” in the intersection of Mineral Springs and Harlem roads after passing through a steady red light. When the suspect was asked for his license, he said, “Lackawanna just suspended [it].”
  • An Orchard Park Road woman reported that a panel to her garage door had been forcibly separated from the frame sometime overnight. No entry was believed to have been made.
  • A male resident stopped his vehicle abruptly when pulling into the Tim Hortons parking lot on Clinton Street because of another male walking in his direction. However, the walker reportedly became enraged and slammed his fist into the hood of the driver’s vehicle, causing a “softball-size” dent. He also is alleged to have screamed obscenities. The walker then took off in his vehicle before the driver was able to retrieve any of his information.

Total calls received: 59

Saturday, March 17

  • A man’s vehicle was “keyed” while parked on Thorndale Avenue overnight.
  • A Gervan Drive resident found two egg cartons in the street, as well as garbage and beer cans scattered around various vehicles parked in the eastern lot of Houghton College. The resident believes a party was thrown in the area sometime overnight.
  • A locked exterior sign at West Seneca Christian School on Union Road was forced open and damaged. An exterior light at the end of the school’s driveway was also found damaged. The total estimated cost of damage is about $650.

Total calls received: 71

Sunday, March 18

  • Patrol stopped a young male driver on Clinton Street for speeding. The driver was found to be in possession of a quantity of marijuana, as well as possessing a class DJ license only.
  • The owner of a Burch Avenue apartment complex reported that a front window had been smashed, which will cost about $150 to replace.
  • An unknown person reportedly damaged the front door to a vacant Clinton Street building in an alleged attempt to gain entry.
  • A woman was charged with unsafely backing out of her driveway after being involved in a property-damage-only accident on Bellwood Avenue.

Total calls received: 82

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the West Seneca Police Department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. Residents can report incidents to the WSPD by calling its anonymous tip line at 675-8423.)

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