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2012-03-22 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

  • Why is it that Cheektowaga stories list the name of someone on the police blotter but in The West Seneca Bee they don’t? If the name was printed with details, maybe there would be less crime in West Seneca. (Editor’s note: Police blotter listings in all Bee newspapers do not include names. News stories, separate from the blotter, list names as provided by police.)
  •  I am outraged about the amount of salt the West Seneca Highway Department put on our streets after the snow we had on Friday, March 9. I opened my car window to talk to someone on East and West Road, and I choked on the salt residue in the air. What a waste of time and money.
  • I want to thank Ms. Meegan for rescinding the certificate of occupancy law and the sewer law. I believe it was intrusive; it’s refreshing to see a politician in this town do the right thing for once. I haven’t seen it before in 48 years, so it’s an oddity. Thank you again, Ms. Meegan.
  • I wonder if the West Seneca School District ever thought of contracting out their teacher aide services through Erie 1 BOCES. I think it would save the district a large amount of money, since most of the teacher aides are receiving a high rate of pay.
  • One way to help the school’s athletic program would be if parents took more responsibility to train their kids and make sure the kids are coming through the program with the necessary skills rather than blaming coaches.
  • It’s that time of year again when volunteer fire companies are mailing letters for their annual fund drive. All the money you pay in taxes actually pays for fire services, so why do we need fund drives? It’s ridiculous that they keep asking us for more money.

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