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2012-03-15 / Police Blotter

Man’s Blondie CDs stolen; sabotage on Florence Ave.

Monday, March 5

Police arrested an Alternative Learning Center student who illegally trespassed into West Seneca West Senior. This student has been accused of doing drugs and fighting in school and has been warned several times that he is not allowed at the high school. The principal had observed the subject standing in the hallway with a group of other students.

Someone threw a brick at a Seneca Street church and damaged its side glass door. A parishioner, who was at the church for a meeting, heard a loud noise before finding the damage. He was unable to locate any suspects.

Total calls received: 59

Tuesday, March 6

• A snowplow blade worth $2,800 was reported stolen from an Indian Church Road driveway.

A group of youths are believed to have smashed a small glass block window on a Seneca Street business. The owner told police that this is one of several criminal mischief incidents that have occurred in recent months.

A Burch Avenue man reported that someone had damaged his vehicle’s steering column in an apparent attempt to steal the car.

An iPod Touch worth $300 was removed from an unlocked vehicle on Maplewood Drive.

A Florence Avenue woman returned to find her door unlocked and apartment in disarray. All cabinets and doors were opened, miscellaneous items were moved throughout the apartment, and several boxes were opened and rummaged through. The woman said she locked the door when she left; however, there were no pry marks or damage to the door. She feels this was done in an attempt to scare her, since nothing was said to be missing at that time.

Total calls received: 54

Wednesday, March 7

An unknown quantity of copper wiring and pipes was removed from a Seneca Street business.

Patrol stopped a driver on Kirkwood Drive because he was not wearing a seatbelt. Further investigation revealed that the driver was reportedly in possession of two small plastic bags that contained marijuana.

A Columbia Parkway woman noticed that an unauthorized charge of nearly $400 had been made to her checking account. The purchase was for a child play set, to be delivered to an address in Washington, D.C.

Total calls received: 51

Thursday, March 8

• Police observed two footprints on a door to a Union Road warehouse that was found to have been forced open. The manager said the door was secured the night before.

A customer was arrested for allegedly starting a fight at a Seneca Street automotive business. The man reportedly became irate when the employee asked a question and began repeatedly punching the employee in the face. The victim’s father separated the two until police arrived.

A woman’s iPhone and about $30 cash were removed from her backpack while she was playing volleyball at Holiday’s Restaurant and Lounge on Harlem Road.

Total calls received: 62

Friday, March 9

Roughly $150 worth of electronics was reported stolen from a man’s storage unit on Mill Road. The items included three Lynyrd Skynyrd albums, three Blondie albums and a portable CD player.

More than $1,000 worth of equipment was taken from a company vehicle on Orchard Park Road. Some of the missing tools belong to the employee who regularly drives the vehicle.

An all-terrain vehicle worth $3,000 and a Dyson vacuum cleaner worth $500 were taken from a garage on Reserve Road, which was said to be locked at the time of the reported theft.

Patrol arrested a male driver on Tampa Drive who was recognized from numerous arrests in the past and was said to have an outstanding bench warrant out of West Seneca. Further investigation revealed his driver’s license was suspended.

Total calls received: 73

Saturday, March 10

• The owner of Ebenezer Florist on Union Road reported that the plastic sheeting to his greenhouse had been cut and several potted plants stepped on. Damage is estimated at $150. The owner told patrol that there have been more incidents in the past few months where other sections of the building have been broken into. He believes this is done by youth so they can “party,” since several beer cans have been left behind.

Patrol attempted to stop a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker when it turned onto Chamberlin Drive and sped down the street. The vehicle parked in a driveway on that street, and the male ran behind the house. He pretended to urinate against the house as he discarded several white pills believed to be hydrocodone. The man was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree. He was also found to be driving a suspended vehicle with a revoked license.

Total calls received: 49

Sunday, March 11

Patrol stopped a speeding vehicle on Clinton Street and observed a strong odor of alcohol to emanate from the driver’s breath. He also had slurred speech and glassy eyes. The driver told patrol that he was heading to his girlfriend’s house and had consumed three beers prior. He refused to submit to a chemical test after failing some sobriety tests.

Total calls received: 51

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the West Seneca Police Department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. Residents can report incidents to the WSPD by calling its anonymous tip line at 675-8423.)

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