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2012-03-01 / Police Blotter

Man arrested blames cops for missing UFC fight

Wednesday, Feb. 22

Patrol stopped a vehicle that had driven over the median of Ridge Road after exiting the Route 219 eastbound ramp. The male driver said he and the other four passengers were returning from a downtown bar and that he specifically had “two or three beers ... about an hour ago.” After passing only a few sobriety tests, the man had registered a .10 percent blood alcohol level.

A Harlem Road couple noticed that their vehicle, which was parked in their apartment complex, had sustained damage sometime overnight. The passenger side was scratched and dented, and the side mirror was broken off. The couple saw a grey Chevy Tahoe parked next to their vehicle earlier in the day but were unsure if it was involved.

An East Avenue woman learned that she was the victim of identity theft after receiving a pair of sneakers in the mail that she did not order. The store verified that her name, address and credit card account had been used to make the purchase. The woman also learned there was a pending $400 charge on her account from an online flower shop. She canceled her account and will be checking her credit report for other fraudulent uses.

Police arrested a woman who was caught stealing five miscellaneous makeup items, worth a total of about $40, from Wegmans on Orchard Park Road.

A woman’s purse was stolen from her unlocked vehicle while it was parked and unoccupied in the YMCA parking lot on Southwestern Boulevard. Inside the purse were several credit cards, a Social Security card, driver’s license and a Target gift card, which was reportedly used.

A Kmart employee was caught stealing a $60 video game from the Orchard Park Road store.

Total calls received: 63

Thursday, Feb. 23

A male driver who has a revoked license was observed driving on Orchard Park Road. During the traffic stop, patrol observed the man to have slurred speech and impaired motor functions. He failed sobriety testing and later registered a .08 percent blood alcohol level.

Patrol observed a young male driver turn from Slade Avenue onto Potters Road; he was recognized as having recently been arrested for several outstanding tickets in the Town of West Seneca. Further investigation revealed that the driver does have two outstanding suspensions on his license for failing to answer a summons in town.

A man was arrested for driving while intoxicated, among other charges, after nearly losing control of his vehicle. The driver was observed to be speeding and swerving as he turned from Columbia Parkway onto Seneca Street. He failed several sobriety tests, including having to recite the alphabet. The man reportedly recited from A-F, skipped to P and Q, went back to G-P and then finally ended with “Y and Z.”

Total calls received: 63

Friday, Feb. 24

A Tampa Drive woman had received numerous phone calls referencing an advertisement that was placed on craigslist with her number. One caller had asked, “Do you want to smoke?” When the resident’s husband said the caller had the wrong number, the person hung up. The woman had also received a text message thatasked,“WhenRUavailable?” She engaged in a text message conversation with this person to retrieve more information about the alleged ad. The unknown texter said it was in regard to “a painting job.” However, the woman could not find any such ad associated with her information on the website.

A YMCA employee found that the passenger-side tires on her vehicle had been slashed. It was parked in the lot on Southwestern Boulevard while the woman was working her day shift.

An Iris Avenue man reported that a container holding $10 in loose change was removed from his vehicle sometime overnight. The report did not specify if the vehicle was unlocked or not.

A man found that a basement window to his Princess Lane home had been smashed.

Total calls received: 75

Saturday, Feb. 25

Patrol stopped a vehicle on Indian Church Road that didn’t have a license plate lamp for the rear of the vehicle. Further investigation revealed that the driver’s license was suspended for failure to answer a summons out of West Seneca. Patrol arrested the man, who became belligerent, swore at the officer, and screamed, “Now I’m going to miss the [explicit] UFC fight,” as he was placed into the back of the patrol car. He was later released on $100 bail.

Total calls received: 58

Sunday, Feb. 26

Two males allegedly drove away in their black GMC Yukon without paying for about $90 worth of gasoline at Delta Sonic on Langner Road.

A male driver was observed to be speeding and crossing the double yellow line several times on Harlem Road. During the stop, the driver was said to have glassy eyes and slurred speech. The man failed sobriety testing and later registered a .20 percent blood alcohol level.

After a family dispute, a young female slashed the tires of a vehicle belonging to her sister’s boyfriend. The girl drove away with another male, but they were stopped by patrol a short distance away.

Total calls received: 51

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the West Seneca Police Department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. Residents can report incidents to the WSPD by calling its anonymous tip line at 675-8423.)

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