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2012-03-01 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.How come in 70 years I’ve never seen one traffic ticket issued on Onondaga with all the traffic it gets?

.Assistant chief vehicles should be used strictly in the town, not to be driven everywhere even out of the county. It’s ridiculous they are able to drive around with free gas. I believe a town vehicle supplied to these guys for free should stay in the town.

.I see in other school districts they are starting to eliminate sports. Maybe West Seneca should consider this to save taxpayers’ money. All these years we don’t have children so we’re paying for other people’s children to go to school and play sports. Why don’t they pay for the sports? It may lower my taxes.

.I live on Gary Drive, off East and West Road, and our garbage pickup day is Friday. I called both Bee Heard and the Sanitation Department on Feb. 10, and no one from the Sanitation Department called me. The driver and the pickup guys were playing cat and mouse. The driver was cruising about 5 mph, and the pickup guys were chasing the truck with the garbage, thus creating a safety hazard, which could cost taxpayers in health care, lawsuits, etc.

.Here is why the Keystone Pipeline is needed. Per EPA, the $1,000 Chevy Volt can move 35 miles on a single electric volt charge. This charge comes from electrical energy generated from coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, wind and solar sources. New York 2010 statewide generation capacity lists wind and solar at 1 percent, which moves the Volt only 1,848 feet of the 35 miles range. Hydro electric generation is 15 percent, good for 5.25 miles. Coal, natural gas, oil, etc. provides the energy to move the auto the remaining 24.4 miles. The gas tank on this vehicle is 9.3 gallons, which allows it to move another 340 miles.

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