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2012-02-23 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Seventy years I’ve lived on Onondaga and I have never once seen a traffic ticket issued for any reason; very heavy traffic with buses and Buffalo people speeding, stop sign infractions, but never a ticket.

.We haven’t had much snow this year, but it’s Sunday and I’m driving down Union Road and the streets are covered with snow and the sidewalks are clogged with banks of snow. People are walking in the street. It’s a danger to walk in the street. They need to do something; we need to pass a law to prevent a tragedy.

.If you go to Wegmans in West Seneca and you buy two 35-bottle containers of spring water, you pay $10 for the water, 88 cents for sales tax. Why there is sales tax on water, I don’t know. You’ll pay another $3.50 for another deposit, which totals $14.38. Go to Wegmans in Pennsylvania and buy the same thing; you pay $9.98 for the water. Ever wonder why people are leaving Western New York?

.We live in a very nice development, but our neighbors love to leave their garbage cans on the side of the house. They are blowing all over the yard. It’s always embarrassing to pull into your driveway, because there are garbage cans. Maybe there should be an ordinance that requires garbage cans to be kept out of sight.

.Residents of West Seneca are required to have a certificate of occupancy to sell their home. That fee is $100. You need to have a smoke detector in every bedroom; you need to have a carbon monoxide detector on every floor. You need to have your house number on your house, and a whole litany of other requirements. West Seneca is a very expensive place to raise a family. The town board meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 27, in Town Hall. Come out and let your feelings be known about the certificate of occupancy. It will reap the town benefits in excess of $45,000.

.I don’t how many more times I will have to request that a person who lives on Cherokee Drive take their dog and let it defecate on their own lawn instead of others who try to keep their lawns in a nice state. Obviously, the Town of West Seneca has decided to do nothing about this.

.Regarding complaints about fire chief vehicles: they should forget about the vehicles; the entire system is out of date and a huge waste of money. Response times are slow; it should be a paid service. It’s not farmland any more.

.Mr. Sherman’s comments in the Feb. 8 Bee about the younger audience being left in the cold was a joke. First, no one is being denied the opportunity to hear Rick Jeanneret, since he can be heard on the radio. Second, the fact that children may miss an opportunity to watch the only professional sport that still promotes fighting as part of the game is embarrassing. And third, why not promote or support some positive things parents could do with their children during the two and a half hours of no hockey broadcast? Here’s a chance for family time, but Mr. Sherman sees it as a loss. Can’t you do any better?

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