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2012-02-16 / Letters to the Editor

Late educator gave life to ‘East Eagles’

This past week, social media outlets lit up with banter of the past. One person in particular was the topic of those status updates, comments and likes: Donna Eno, a retired principal from the West Seneca Central School District. The unfortunate passing of this great educator brought many former East Elementary Eagles to reflect on their time with Ms. Eno.

It says a lot when an educator impacts a person’s life so emphatically that even into adulthood they are still affected. Nowadays, the impact of great teachers gets lost in the negativity of those who take advantage of the system. It’s imperative to honor those who have created a spark in a child’s life, much like Ms. Eno has done for many of those who have passed through East Elementary’s doors.

One post from a former student read that she was the “only principal where it was considered an honor to eat lunch with in the hall.” To be so creative, and yet at the same time teach manners and respect and to receive it from elementary students is no small feat. To this day, her reading of “Purple, Green and Yellow” and “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” echoes enthusiastically in the ears of many East Eagles.

East Elementary was more than a school; it was a home to which many take pride in being a part of, one that could not have been created without her presence. Her “antics” gave life to that school and inspired many students — a trait that many educators are not recognized nearly enough for. Fly high in your final place, Ms. Eno; you have helped so many of your students reach such great heights.

Sarah Flattery

Eastwood Drive

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