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2011-12-22 / Police Blotter

Restaurant worker accused of after-hours theft

Saturday, Dec. 10

The lead employee of a Subway restaurant on Union Road was accused of stealing $360 from the store. The suspect’s girlfriend alleged that her partner was on a crack binge, and she had warned the store owner that the employee might steal from the business. Despite the owner moving the money from the register into a more obscure location, it was said to be missing in the morning. The owner also reported that the store’s surveillance video system had been shut off; there was no footage of the money being removed from the restaurant.

Total calls received: 59

Sunday, Dec. 11

Approximately 4,000 pounds of scrap metal was stolen from a construction company on Clinton Street. This was the seventh incident in the past three weeks, according to the owner. An overall total of 8,000 pounds of scrap metal, valued at roughly $1,600, is said to be missing.

A woman returned home to find an extension ladder up against the back of her house. A screen to the window of an upstairs bathroom had been damaged; however, nothing appeared to be missing from the house at that time.

More than $1,000 worth of jewelry was taken from an Edson Street home.

A resident learned that several food stamps that were allegedly stolen from her home were used at Tops on Orchard Park Road. The woman told police that she may know who stole the stamps and used them, but the store prohibited her from viewing the surveillance footage.

Total calls received: 58

Monday, Dec. 12

Roughly $1,100 worth of tools was taken from a Seneca Street business.

Seven rifles and two related magazines, worth a combined total of about $8,420, were removed from a man’s vehicle on Orchard Park Road. Also reported missing was a green ammunition box that contained an estimated 200 blank rounds as well as $20 in cash.

Total calls received: 59

Tuesday, Dec. 13

A Marlow Avenue resident reported that $10 in loose change was missing from her vehicle and that an air compressor was taken from her garage. Both entities were said to be unlocked.

Total calls received: 50

Wednesday, Dec. 14 

A Weinhardt German flute worth $900 was taken from a woman’s vehicle on Rosewood Drive. Also missing were 10 Fowler’s Chocolates candy bars and about $55 in U.S. currency.

A woman’s purse and GPS unit were removed from her vehicle while unoccupied in the YMCA parking lot on Southwestern Boulevard. She returned to find the front passenger window of her vehicle had been smashed.

A resident learned that he had been scammed after attempting to deposit a bad check last week in the amount of $2,178.78. The check bounced, and he was subsequently charged a $34 fee for the incident. In early November, the suspect received a letter in the mail reportedly sent by the Publishers Clearing House, which contained the bad check. The letter explained that the resident had won $100,000 but first needed to cash the enclosed check and that he would be responsible for processing fees.

Total calls received: 48

Thursday, Dec. 15

A Buffalo man was stopped during a failed attempt to steal a $400 television from Kmart on Orchard Park Road.

Several fraudulent purchases were made using a resident’s bank account information at two locations on Seneca Street, one in Buffalo and one in West Seneca. The woman reported that all purchases were unauthorized.

Total calls received: 55

Friday, Dec. 16

A $400 laptop was reported missing from a Transit Road pawn shop. Patrol responded to the store early this morning because of an alarm call and observed the store’s rear door to have been sawed open. No other items were reported missing at that time.

Patrol responded to the area of the Seneca Ridge Plaza where a man, who was reportedly injured, was seen walking down the street. The subject was found and later treated for a bump/cut on his forehead. He was said to have been involved in a fight at Rane Night Club on Seneca Street. The other person involved was also located; both subjects were said to be intoxicated, and neither wished to pursue the matter.

The manager of Game Stop on Union Road reported that an unknown female was observed stealing a gaming system on video surveillance. She reportedly concealed the item by placing it in her purse and then left the store without paying. She was accompanied by two other females and one male; they appeared to be involved by distracting store personnel and blocking all but one surveillance camera.

Total calls received: 66

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. Residents can report incidents to the West Seneca Police Department by calling its anonymous tip line at 675-8423.)

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