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2011-12-08 / Letters to the Editor

Injustice to safety, thanks to no-voters

I’d like to “thank” the 584 no-voters for the defeat of the bond proposition to purchase land adjacent to East Senior for safety issues and improvements to the exit/entrance on Seneca Street.

Being an inquisitive sort, I decided to see how much I’m saving in school taxes — both next year and in the four years after that — with this defeated proposition.

Looking at my 2011-12 school tax bill, my home is assessed at $69,400 with a fair market value of $154,000. To bring my home to the $100,000 assessment base, it would have to be a home with a fair market value of $ 222,000.

Since my taxes would have increased by 28 cents next year, based on a $100,000 assessment, I am saving a “whopping” 19.5 cents next year in West Seneca school taxes. Thank you, no-voters.

For the five-year bond life — a $20 tax increase for this proposition based on a $100,000 assessment — I would have had to pay $13.88 more in school taxes in five years, or $2.78 more each year.

I can now afford to buy each year about two medium coffees, about a half-gallon more of gasoline, or a large fry and drink at a fast-food restaurant.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize who the no-voters are. They have no children in school and don’t appreciate that they have to pay school taxes.

It’s time to take away voting on school budgets and leave it to the state to fund schools. A great many states do not vote on school budgets: Florida, Nevada, Illinois and Ohio, to name a few. New York should, also.

Perhaps that will be the end of Bee Heard callers making exaggerated claims about what they pay in school taxes. I can spot a phony claim from a mile away.

Philip Fanone
Lowell Lane

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