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2011-12-08 / Editorial

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West Seneca Editor

ON DISPLAY — Senior students from both West Seneca East and West senior high schools are showcasing their work at the downtown Central Library, next to Fables Cafe. The library is located at 1 Lafayette Square, Buffalo.

The show includes the work of West Seneca Central Academy of Visual Arts students in the Advanced Placement Studio in Art class.

In this class, students are challenged to create work that not only demonstrates the mastery of technique but also showcases a strong conceptual base. The students emphasize both drawing and 2D design fundamentals in their projects.

All of the work on display at the library has been created this school year, and will be featured through January.

MONDAY MUSINGS — It’s my job to inform the residents of when and where meetings are held, but I apparently can’t remember what I write.

I habitually drove to West Elementary on Monday for the West Seneca Board of Education meeting. Cruising around the curve past Allendale, heading back toward West Elementary, I was faced with an abyss of darkness. No street lamps, no sign of life except for one car passing me on its way out — I was alone.

Even after publishing the change of location in the last few editions and posting a day-of reminder on The West Seneca Bee fan page on Facebook, I still failed to remember that the meeting was instead held at West Senior. Luckily, the high school is a short drive away and I still made it with a few minutes to spare.

And what a meeting to attend.

I sat dazzled by the West Seneca Marching Band; the three-time state champs showcased a snippet of this year’s award-winning routine to an auditorium of proud parents and district officials.

It’s privileged previews like that which make my job worth it.

LOWE ON LENO — Michael Lowe of West Seneca got his 10 seconds of fame last week on national television, thanks to late-night personality Jay Leno.

The Tonight Show host posed the question “What do you dread about the holidays?” to his Facebook fans. Lowe’s response was one of the few that were read on-air during the Nov. 30 show:

“The holidays are like visiting relatives. Even though you’re eager to see them, they get here too early, cost you too much money, and after a while are a pain in the [butt] that won’t leave.”

I couldn’t agree more.

KUDOS — Queen of Heaven School in West Seneca recently hosted WGRZ meteorologist Andy Parker and his weather machine.

Parker’s presentation featured live demonstrations of various weather elements, including solar energy, lightning, a tornado and even a real snowstorm inside the school’s gymnasium.

Students earned the learning experience by rallying the support of the school community and gathering the largest number of votes for the contest.

HOLIDAY CONTEST — Readers are encouraged to enter The Bee’s holiday lighting photo contest. Photos of your home, a neighbor’s home or any building illuminated for the holidays are eligible to win a $150 cash prize.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, Dec. 14, with the winner to be announced on Friday, Dec. 23.

Submit your photos online at www.facebook.com/BeeNewspapers.

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