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2011-12-08 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

  • The parking ban in the Town of West Seneca is presently in effect. There are a number of people on Woodward Drive between Mill Road and Union Road who intermittently do not abide by the 1-7 a.m. parking regulation. These people seem to ignore it, and I don’t see anyone receiving a parking ticket for illegal parking.
  • I see we voted on the school budget for the property, and they lost. Now they are going to try to find money in the school budget to do the project anyway. Why did we spend all our time and money to vote on it, if we are going to do it no matter what? It’s time school board members got out of being on the school board. Get people in there who are responsible with their money. Don’t get just anyone in there who continues to spend, spend, spend, no matter what.
  • Where does the caller live who claims his school taxes have gone up an average of $350 to $500 a year? In three years, my taxes have gone up $182 or $61 a year. My home’s fair market value is $154,000. If that caller’s taxes did go up that much, he must live in a home worth more than a half million dollars. Come to a school board meeting and present the evidence that your taxes have increased that much; otherwise, the numbers you cite are strictly imaginary.
  • I think West Seneca could save money if it turned down the heat at Town Hall about 10 degrees, seeing that workers have the windows open, and that was on Dec. 2. There were four windows open; I think they could turn it down and put sweaters on.
  • It is obvious that none of the 584 residents who voted no to the purchase of the property near West Seneca East High School care one bit about the safety of the children. None of them I am sure have ever seen bus drivers attempt to turn into that driveway while a long line of cars wait to exit Seneca Street in the morning or evening. It is such a narrow drive, and I encourage the board of education to call another vote to get the safety of students finalized.

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