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2011-06-02 / Letters to the Editor

Memorial Day not for politics

I am proud to say my father was a World War II veteran. I am also proud every year to march in our town’s Memorial Day parade.

What I am not proud of is the behavior of our county executive, Chris Collins, in our town parade.

Everyone was in their best uniforms, including our servicemen and women, firefighters, the young people in the marching bands, right down to the littlest girl and Boy Scouts proudly waving their flags. However, Mr. Collins and his entourage showed up in bright yellow T-shirts that boasted “Collins for County Executive,” while also wearing flip flops and shorts. They strolled down the parade route looking like they should be at a picnic instead of being in a parade, without so much as an American flag.

They proceeded to politic and work the crowd, handing out political stickers and making a mockery of what Memorial Day is all about.

Mr. Collins, let me remind you what Memorial Day is for: it is to honor all our service men and women who have given their lives so we may live free. It is a solemn day; it is not a time for you or any other politician to have a political forum or to advance your political career.

I would hope that next year the organizers of the West Seneca Memorial Day parade would see to it that our parade is not used by local politicians for their own benefit.

Cheryl Winkelman
Dover Drive

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