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2011-05-26 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

  • I am very upset about the lack of security at our elementary schools. I went to my daughter’s school three different days last week and was able to walk right in. There are security people at the middle and high schools all day long, but there is no security at the elementary schools. This is absolutely atrocious.
  • Another school board budget has passed, not a surprise for West Seneca, but I think residents need to start keeping track of the taxes they pay every year. I pay $35 more a month in my mortgage payment for school taxes. Since 2001, for county and town taxes I pay $48 more a month. That’s a total of $82.60 more a month in my mortgage payment in the last 10 years. Enough is enough.
  • Once again I see the school budget passed. I hear people complain ever day that they have no money, because the government keeps taxing us too much. But then, when we have a chance to stop a tax increase, we don’t vote.
  • The continuing education swimming program notified me that the instructor we’ve had for years, who has done a wonderful job with our kids, will not be returning for the summer session. The director of continuing education instead sent out an e-mail to all of the swim instructors telling them they will have limited workforce for the summer. I’m extremely disappointed that people with much less experience were selected.
  • There’s a house on Indian Church that burned several months ago, and it is still in the same condition. The town should take action on this house; it’s a disgrace.
  • How can the Democratic Party of West Seneca endorse Christina Bove as a Democrat when she constantly votes with the Republican block of the legislature? She’s not a Democrat anymore; she’s turned into a Republican, backing Collins’ programs.
  • Good luck to the West Seneca West Middle School Odyssey of the Mind team as they depart this week to compete in the world championship finals at College Park, Md. Good luck and bring home the gold.

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