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2011-02-10 / Editorial

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West Seneca Editor

LOVE IS IN THE AIR — I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day; I think it’s a Hallmark holiday that steals your money and makes you look like a fool for thinking a box of chocolates and stuffed teddy bear is the way to a woman’s heart.

But with the over-commercialized holiday “around the corner”— a cliché phrase for a cliché holiday — I feel compelled to explain why love is in the air at the McDowell château.

I recently expressed happiness for my middle sister who became engaged after a trip to Florida a few months ago.

As of last month, my oldest sister also accepted the offer to tie the knot.

Now that my mother has forgiven my father for keeping the secret, since both fiances first asked for his permission, our household has been overflowing with joy for both sisters/daughters.

Of course, that’s in addition to the endless chatter over ideas for favors, reservations for multiple bridal shows, 16 trips to search through a sea of white for “the gown,” and the great debate between my sisters and mother on nixing great aunts and uncles — some whom we hardly know and most whom we rarely see — from the guest list.

But an unfortunate thing has happened. Somehow, in the midst of their spotlight, a fraction of the focus has unfortunately shifted to me.

Several people have asked if I’m “next,” which didn’t sit well with me or my parents, who began fearing the possibility of footing the bill for three back-to-back weddings starting later this year. I assured them, and perhaps myself, that I’m on a “10-year plan,” which is always met with a sigh of relief.

So while the middle sister has most plans in place for her September wedding, she and her fiance have begun house shopping — in West Seneca.

Despite the town serving as a median between their jobs, I can’t help but think the town’s accolade for “Best Place to Raise Kids” may have piqued their interest and pursuit.

But having reported on the town for the last year and a half, my first question for them was “In what sewer district?” My sister looked at me as if I were crazy for asking, but once I explained, she appreciated the concern. That question was in turn met with confusion when she asked the real estate agent about it during the showing of a home. Better safe than sorry.

Also, my oldest sister is entertaining the idea of hosting her reception at the Ironworkers Local 6 banquet hall in West Seneca. A cousin of ours held her wedding reception there a few years back, and we found it to be a great venue with equally great food.

So while I’ve never been “that girl” who daydreams about love or her own wedding day, I’ve found myself often thinking about my sisters’ weddings. Perhaps this is just the motivation I need to ensure my knee returns to 100 percent.

And for any of you suckers out there looking for a new way to surprise and entertain your loved one on Valentine’s Day, try one of the following local singing groups who will perform “singing valentines” throughout the weekend:

 The Queen City Courtsmen. An individual will receive two songs sung by the Courtsmen, a rose, and commemorative photograph. Call Bob at 875-3910.

 The Four Counts, Snow Belters, Four Sure, Uncalled Four and the Niagara Knights, all local barbershop quartets. Call Dick Wagner at 684-7313.

 The Friends of Harmony. The fee includes two songs, a personalized card, flower and commemorative photograph. Call 684-7313 for fees and availability.

 United Sound. Singers in matching tuxedos will deliver two songs with a long-stemmed red rose, card and picture. Call Michael at 866-2521 or e-mail at ibebass@verizon.net.

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