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2010-08-26 / Local News

Prepare for cooler weather

With autumn approaching, National Grid reminds residents to identify areas around the home in need of energy efficiency enhancements before colder weather arrives. Small improvements such as replacing caulking around windows and doors not only save money on gas and electricity costs, but also help customers get the best value out of their heating and cooling equipment.

Other tips include:

• Properly insulating the attic can reduce inefficient air leaks, keeping cold air out and heat in during the winter, and hot air out and air conditioning in during the summer.

• Picking up as few as five CFL or LED bulbs to replace non-fluorescents could save as much as $60 per year.

• Setting the thermostat on the water heater to 120 degrees save money. For every 10 degrees you set back your water heater temperature, you can cut energy use 3 to 5 percent. Reducing your water heater temperature also reduces the risk of scalding.

• Lowering the temperature in unoccupied spaces is a common energy saving measure. As little as two to three degrees can make a big difference in savings.

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