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2010-08-26 / Letters to the Editor

Letters to address Sewer District 13

Sewer District 13 needs a complete overhaul. Our town keeps putting Band-Aids on this gaping sewage wound.

It has been occurring in my yard since I moved into town in 1993. I pay more than $400 a year in sewer taxes to have raw sewage, feminine products, condoms and toilet paper in my front yard after a heavy rain. Can I please have that deducted from my tax bill? I should be getting paid to be an “overflow” location.

To those of you who get it backed up in your basement, my heart goes out to you. It is unsanitary on top of plain old disgusting.

At the Aug. 16 Town Board meeting, our town engineer asked that any resident with an issue of raw sewage backup after a rain — whether in your yard or your home, specifically Sewer District 13 — to contact his office. (If you do not know what sewer district you are in, look on your tax paper.)

Please do this in writing (and then make three copies) and send it to: West Seneca Town Hall, 1250 Union Road, “Attn: Mr. G. Montz, Town Engineer.”

Mail your first copy to the Department of Conservation, 270 Michigan Ave., Buffalo, 14202-2999, “Attn: Mr. G. Palumbo.”

Mail the second copy to me at 1021 Orchard Park Road. I will collect them and present them at a future Town Board meeting, as I would like to be sure that our engineer has received your letter.

Keep the third copy for your records. If you have photos, like myself, please make a copy and include them as well.

If you know of someone with this issue, please pass this Bee on to them.

Lucy Murray Orchard Park Road

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