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2010-08-26 / Letters to the Editor

Kudos to highway, sanitation workers

I would like to congratulate both the Highway and Sanitation departments in our town.

During the winter months, I travel frequently through the surrounding towns, and our streets are by far the most impressive. Traffic returns to its normal flow much more quickly, and daily routines are infrequently disrupted.

As for the Department of Sanitation, they run on a very timely schedule, are very neat in emptying and returning of the receptacles, and do so in a professional yet friendly manner. They are quick to say hello and have even helped me to return my containers back up to the house. I never have to worry as to what will be picked up — and when — as is the case in other towns.

We have a very efficient system picking up all types of garbage each week. I would like to personally thank all of the individuals involved in a job well done.

Peggy Pozzuto

Mill Road

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