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2010-05-06 / Lifestyles

Winner, final results announced for ‘Bee a 10 in 2010’

by CAROLINE L. HUFTALEN Special Sections Editor

Morrow, before Morrow, before Three months ago, nine contestants received an opportunity to change their current lifestyles, learn to make better food choices, get active and maybe motivate Bee readers to do the same.

April 30 was the final day of the “Bee a 10 in 2010” weight-loss challenge, and all contestants stepped up to the scales for the last time. These are the results:

West Seneca


Connie Morrow, the West Seneca West contestant, began the challenge at 221 pounds, and after losing 42 pounds, 17 inches and 19 percent of her body weight, she is the “Bee a 10 in 2010” official winner.

Morrow did not get to the gym as much as she had planned because she is an at-home caregiver for her mother, but she was able to continue her efforts at home by using the instructions from her trainer, Joel Drier, general manager at Fitness Factory.

Morrow, after Morrow, after Although Morrow won the year’s membership to one of the sponsoring gyms, she chose to pass along the prize to third-place contestant Ann Laudisio, who would get more use out of it.

Morrow plans to continue her fitness efforts by beginning dance lessons. After always loving dance, she is finally able to enjoy jazz, tap and ballet again.

Morrow was sponsored by the Fitness Factory of West Seneca, 1012 Union Road.

West Seneca


After starting the challenge at 188 pounds, Colleen Cotter, the West Seneca East contestant, is now ending it at 168 pounds.

Cotter credits her trainer, Bryon Sperduti at Fitness Factory of West Seneca, for teaching her the ins and outs of exercise.

“I learned so much about exercise and how to do it correctly,” Cotter said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how I do on my own.”

Cotter, before Cotter, before Cotter, who lost 10.6 percent of her body weight, also was sponsored by Fitness Factory of West Seneca.


Timothy Donohue, the Cheektowaga contestant, began at 280 pounds and lost 10.5 percent of his body weight, with a final weight of 250.5 pounds.

Donohue went into the challenge with a goal to not only lose the extra weight he put on but to be in the best physical condition after he was done.

With help from Gold’s Gym and the support of his wife, Darlene, Donohue was able to take an old-fashioned approach to fitness — eating smaller portions and putting in the time at the gym — and make it work.

Donohue was sponsored by Gold’s Gym, 1402 French Road, Depew.


Patty Heist, the Lancaster contestant, began the “Bee a 10 in 2010” challenge at 179 pounds, lost 12.8 percent of her original weight and is now 156 pounds.

Cotter, after Cotter, after Heist credits her trainer, Rick Rodino, manager at Fitness 19, for the confidence she gained while learning how to properly exercise and for giving her a head start to being fit.

She plans to continue her efforts by keeping track of calories with a food diary to make sure she doesn’t fall back into the bad habits.

Heist was sponsored by Fitness 19 at 6375 Transit Road, Depew.


Ed Howard, the Getzville contestant, recently tried on a suit that he hasn’t worn since 1998. The suit would have been snug with his starting weight of 195 pounds, but after his 33-pound weight loss, it fits like a charm.

Howard had two original goals: get in shape for the Turkey Trot and Donohue, before Donohue, before weigh 170 pounds by his daughter’s

wedding in August. He surpassed his expectations, as he currently weighs 162 pounds and

is already running five miles in preparation for November. Howard, who lost 16.9 percent of his body weight, was sponsored by the Jewish Community Center, 2640 N. Forest Road, Getzville.


With a hectic schedule as the principal at Maplemere Elementary School, Ann Laudisio, the Clarence contestant, wanted to lose the weight to be able to set a good example and be more active.

She began the challenge at 213 pounds and ended it at 179 pounds, with a 15.9 percent loss.

Laudisio thinks of her weight loss as bags of potatoes and can’t believe she used to carry around more than three 10-pound bags.

Her trainer, Jim DeMay of the Fitness Institute and Pilates Studio, gave Laudisio the tools she needed to excel in the challenge and drop the weight.

Donohue, after Donohue, after Laudisio was sponsored by the Fitness Institute and Pilates Studio, 5427 Transit Road, Williamsville.


Julie Monachino, the Kenmore contestant, began the challenge at 249 pounds and is now 19 pounds thinner at 230 pounds.

“I have lost 14 inches overall,” Monachino said. “I feel like I have won the contest. I have accomplished things in this last three months that I no longer thought were possible.”

Monachino made great strides in her weight-loss efforts by working with Candace Cavanaugh at Fit Physique and found motivation from the staff’s upbeat and encouraging approach to fitness.

Monachino lost 7.6 percent of her body weight and was sponsored by Fit Physique at 2827 Delaware Ave., Kenmore.

Heist, before Heist, before Monachino was unavailable for a final photo.


Thomas Roma, the Amherst contestant, began the challenge at 311 pounds and the motivation to get into shape for his four sons.

Roma’s final weight is 276 pounds, with a 11.25 percent weight loss and his energy and liveliness restored.

He worked with the Personal Training Institute, where he had access to a trainer at every workout and met with a nutritionist to monitor his diet.

“I am more aware of what I eat and the ingredients,” Roma said. “I read every label. Grocery shopping used to take a half hour, and now it takes two hours.”

Roma was sponsored by the Personal Training Institute, 8240 Transit Road, Amherst.

The Bee

Karl Scheitheir, The Bee contestant, started at 280 pounds and ended the challenge 40 pounds lighter at 240 pounds.

Heist, after Heist, after Scheitheir plans on losing 30 more pounds by Christmas and wants to run in the Turkey Trot this year.

He has adopted better eating habits and a newfound motivation for fitness from his trainer at the JCC.

Scheitheir used to think that it would be impossible to lose the weight, but after only three months, he now knows what he can accomplish in such a short time.

Scheitheir, who lost 14.3 percent of his body weight, was sponsored by the Jewish Community Center, 787 Delaware Ave., Buffalo.

Editor’s Note: The Bee congratulates these contestants, who made great strides in their weight-loss journeys, and considers them all to be winners. We also would like to thank all of the participating sponsors for their hard work and the use of their facilities: The Fitness Factory of West Seneca, Gold’s Gym, Fitness 19, Jewish Community Center, Fitness Institute and Pilates Studio, Fit Physique and the Personal Training Institute.

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