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2010-05-06 / Editorial

Sharing some of your submissions for a new song for New York State

DAN MEYER Political Columnist

A few weeks ago I asked the readers of this column to submit to me their suggestions on a new state song for New York.


I was pleasantly surprised at the response I received to this informal contest as my e-mail inbox was soon flooded with more than a dozen entries. Folks from Amherst to Warsaw decided to put on their creative caps, and the end results were some outstanding, catchy little tunes.

It sounds like many folks were glad to direct their anger, frustration and disappointment with their state government into an entertaining outlet for their emotions.

Please keep them coming as the tremendous response I have gotten will likely result in the future publication of more of these terrific tunes. tunes.

Here is just a small sampling of the song lyrics that I received:

“Once we were strong, But now it is wrong. To be in the state we are in.

The jobs are all leaving, The children are fleeing, I don’t know how we will win.

New York, you failed us so. Where did your honor go?

You taxed us ‘till we bleed, And now we want your heads. New York, you’re more than downtown.

We are people from all around. The pensions have drained us dry, So hear us when we cry. us when we cry.

New York, we’ve had enough: Lying government and all that stuff. Listen to your residents shout. Or we’ll just vote you out!”

* * * * * “I have lived in New York all of my life Putting up with all the political strife.

We want to be first in everything in New York,

I believe we’ve accomplished that with all of the pork.

They say in New York there is no place else on earth,

Just look at the budget and all of its girth. We work and we work to pay taxes on time, So elected officials could play on our dime. Listen up to hear New Yorkers like me, I love New York it is plain to see.”

* * * * *

“I’ll leave New York, I’ll leave New York, I’ll leave New York.

Albany keeps raising taxes, and the budget’s such a mess. Relocation is possible, this state’s so hopeless, New York is ‘special,’ its bills are delinquent, ‘Cause there’s no state that can spend quite like New York.

And that’s why, I’ll leave New York, I’ll leave New York, I’ll leave New York.

Legislature is dysfunctional, and the budget’s late again, Albany can’t stop spending, sales tax approaching 10, New York is bankrupt, its bills are delinquent, ‘Cause there’s no state that can spend quite like New York,

And that’s why, I’ll leave New York, I’ll leave New York, I’ll leave New York…”

* * * * *

“We ’re all tired of the blues, oh, the Albany screws. It’s time to take control again... of New

York, New York. We just want to be proud, Say it once, say it loud. Get out and vote those bums out… of New York, New York…


I want to wake up, in a city, that has jobs. Instead of paying support... for those lazy slobs. Three men in a room, For us, that spells doom. Change just can’t come too soon… to old New York, New York.


We ’ll have a party, you just wait and see. Too bad there is no waterfront, to throw in the TEA! Your game has to end, If no dough... then no spend. It’s really not too hard to understand, New York, New York.


We need some new folks, new ideas, shiny sparks, So far the best you can do… Is close our parks! We’re sick of the news. So we’ll send you away. Go make a brand new start of it... Far far away. We all could soothe our fears, with new blood... sweat and tears.

It’s up to you, New York... New York!!!”

* * * * *

“New York is the butt of many jokes, the state’s run by a bunch of blokes. Our elected leaders really stink, they apparently don’t know how to think. I hate New York!”

(Daniel Meyer is a columnist for the Weekly Independent Newspapers of Western New York. E-mail comments to: meyersmusings@gmail.com. Opinions expressed here are those of the author.)

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