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2010-05-06 / Business

New legislation to protect those affected by AIDS, HIV

The New York State Senate recently passed legislation by a vote of 42 to 19, according to Sen. William T. Stachowski, D-West Seneca, that will safeguard poor New Yorkers living with HIV or AIDS.

This amendment to the social services law will pertain to those diagnosed with human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, who live in emergency shelter facilities or in housing that receives financial aid. The legislation calls for limiting the total amount of their household income being spent on housing to 30 percent.

“Currently, people suffering from the debilitating and terminal illnesses, AIDS or HIV, are often forced to live well beyond the poverty level and are overburdened by the amount of their income needed just for housing,” Stachowski said. “People living with these illnesses often have high medical bills, and this legislation would allow them to allocate more money towards these medical expenses by relieving some of the financial pressure they currently face due to high housing costs.”

Stachowski further said the legislation is meant to ensure that these “in-need citizens” would be better able to receive medical treatments as well as maintain a proper living situation.

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