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2010-04-08 / Letters to the Editor

Erie County needs one school district

Recently on the news, it was said that Lancaster is closing a school, and much like West Seneca, there would be massive layoffs. This is not going to help the children.

In my opinion, Erie County should demand that the towns become one school district and get rid of all the other superintendents, leaving one for the entire district — get rid of the dead weight.

Each town can still have its own school boards, and the towns can save money by buying supplies in bulk. These ideas came from a friend in Phoenix, Ariz., and I believe Texas also has one school board for the whole state.

William Glair Parkside Drive

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I have lived in several other

I have lived in several other localities. Some with huge school districts. There were at least the same number of administrators, just more levels of administration. The school board you must be thinking about in Texas is the one which decides which textbooks are appropriate for every public school in the state. It does not administer or control most local school districts. The real problem with rising school costs is mostly related to the ballooning costs of the pay and benefits being paid to current and retired teachers and staff. It's time to make their pensions a lot more contributory like those not of state workers, but of federal workers, who pay a large percentage of the funds into their own pensions. We also need laws with legal remedies to keep the politicians and bureaucrats from dipping into the pension funds teachers and all other government workers. Some politicians now, even want to "borrow" the assets of private pension funds..