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2010-04-08 / Education

We are all partners in educating children

On Saturday, the West Seneca Central School District held its eighth annual Partners in Education Breakfast at West Senior High School. The event brings together a cross section of the community with members of the school district and school community. Participants share in a collective celebration of the accomplishments of our students and hear vignettes around a central theme about programs and activities.

The breakfast creates a sense of solidarity and provides the community an opportunity to join with the school district in celebration of the efforts and achievement of our students. It is a premier community event that symbolizes the commitment of the school district to work with the community and the support of the community for the school district. Also, it is an opportunity for the district to strengthen our community partnerships and to receive input from our stakeholders.

This year’s theme for the Partners in Education Breakfast was “Citizenship in the Community.” Students from each of the 12 buildings were involved in all aspects of the program. Working with their teachers and administrators, some students planned, developed and presented their unique “take” on the theme. Students of all ages courageously took the stage and spoke in front of an audience of more than 500, most of whom were adults. In addition to showing their courage, these students also demonstrated a variety of skills, including public speaking, reading and writing, the use of technology and teamwork.

Student musicians entertained during breakfast, and work from our student artists was on display. Other students worked behind the scenes serving, setting up, taking down and generally providing support where needed. Additionally, high school students who serve on our House of Representatives worked with our director of public relations and director of educational TV productions to plan and organize the event, and several of these students served as emcees during the morning’s program.

Many of those in attendance on Saturday morning have become mentors and role models for our students. The district honored educators, support staff, parent volunteers and alumni from each building who serve as role models and have demonstrated “citizenship in the community.”

The West Seneca Central School District community is certainly a part of the larger West Seneca community, and our students represent a bridge between the school district community, where they are currently active members, and the larger community, where we hope they will choose to stay and become contributing adult members.

Each year, more civic organizations partner with our schools and more businesses become involved with the schools. These groups have become our valued partners and contribute to the success of our students. An event such as Saturday’s breakfast reminds each of us that we are all “Partners in Education.”

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